Nominating Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

The Nominating Committee shall consist of the three (3) most immediate Past Chairs, one (1) from each state in the Section and three (3) members appointed by the Section Chair with equal representation from each state in the Section. The most immediate Past Chair shall serve as chair of the Committee. The nominations shall be in accordance with the Bylaws and the Policies & Procedures of the Section.

The Section shall conduct an appropriate nomination and election process for the following members of the Governing Board: The Chair, the Chair Elect, the Vice Chair, the Past Chair, the Director and one (1) Trustee and one (1) Deputy Trustee from each state in the Section. The Director shall be nominated and elected in a manner consistent with the Bylaws of AWWA. The Nominating Committee shall serve for the purpose of nominating the aforementioned officers.

* The first committee member listed is the Committee Chair.


Nominating Committee Members

Committee Name Position Expiration full name Organization Address City State ZIP Email n
Nominating Committee EOC 2014 Blake Weindorf Central Arkansas Water PO Box 1789 Little Rock AR 72203-1789 16
Nominating Committee EOC 2014 Rebecca Poole Carollo Engineering 24999 Old Highway 18 Tecumseh OK 74873-7360 16
Nominating Committee Most Recent Past Chair - LA EOC 2014 Ben Bridges Thornton, Musso & Bellemin 153 Ben Bridges Rd Downsville LA 71234-5439 BEN@TMBWATER.COM 16
Nominating Committee Louisiana EOC 2014 Curtis Davis City of Shreveport 2139 Greenwood Rd Shreveport LA 71103-3507 16