On-Line Training

On-Line Training Now Available!

The Southwest Section is pleased to announce that it is now offering a catalog of on-line training courses to Southwest Section members, as well as non-member residents of our three states. A contract has been completed with the Illinois Section of AWWA that will make all of their on-line offerings available through the Southwest Section.

Member Discount

Southwest Section members will receive a discount of $5 on webinars and 10% on On-Line Learning courses. Prior to registering for an on-line course or webinar, contact the Executive Director by phone (501 476-0189) or email (execdir@swawwa.org) to obtain your discount code.

What’s Available?

There are three types of training available from the Illinois Section – Live Webinars, Archived Webinars, and On-Line Learning courses. Click on the links below to see what webinars and courses are available.

Live Webinars are just as named – they are webinars that you can view in real time as they are presented. Webinars are typically one hour in length.

Archived Webinars are webinars that were previously presented live, but that are now available as electronic on-demand presentations.

On-Line Learning courses are self-paced courses of greater length, from 10 hours (2 months to complete) up 220 hours (12 months to complete). Prices range from $175 to $960.

How To Register For Training

To browse and/or sign up for Illinois Section’s on-line training, visit www.isawwa.org or follow the direct links below:

– Live webinars: www.isawwa.org/training/webinar

– Archived Webinars: www.isawwa.org/training/archivedwebinar

– E-learning/Online Courses: www.isawwa.org/training/online

Certification Renewal Credit

In order to obtain credit for the training through this program, you must complete the post-training survey and/or quiz. Upon survey and/or quiz completion, you will receive a printable completion certificate. Instructions for taking the survey and/or quiz and obtaining a certificate will be provided upon course completion.

For Arkansas, renewal credit will be granted on a case by case basis. Contact Alicia Prioleau (phone 501 661-2623 or email alicia.prioleau@arkansas.gov) for more information. A completion certificate will be required before any credit is given.

For Louisiana, you may check to see which courses have been approved for use by Louisiana here. If a course is not listed, email Steve Hoss.