Operator’s Meritorious Service Award

Operator’s Meritorious Service Awards are presented annually by the American Water Works Association to the Section’s respective selected winners. The award recognizes special performance in one or more of the following:

  1. Continuous compliance with all public health standards in treated drinking water.
  2. Consistent and outstanding contribution to plant maintenance thereby prolonging the useful life of equipment.
  3. The development of new and/or modified equipment or significant process modifications to provide for more efficient and/or effective treatment.
  4. Special efforts in the training of treatment plant operators.
  5. Special acts not directly related to water treatment, but which demonstrate dedication to the public beyond the normal operating responsibilities.
  6. Consistent and outstanding contribution to operation and/or maintenance of distribution lines, pump stations and reservoirs.


Year Awardee and Home City (* Deceased) Conference City
2017 Gene Leister, Altus, OK Oklahoma City, OK