Water For People

WFP was founded in 1991 by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit international humanitarian aid organization. It was registered in Canada as a charitable organization in 1995. The organization’s mission statement is as follows: “Water For People helps the most impoverished people worldwide improve their quality of life by supporting sustainable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene projects.” This mission involves helping people through projects that engage communities in developing countries in securing safe drinking water, adequate sanitation systems and learning about good health and hygiene practices. For the more than one billion people without access to safe drinking water, WFP is helping the poorest of the poor, one community at a time.

The Water For People model is designed for sustainability. In Honduras, 97% of past projects still in excellent condition. In India, 100% of projects produced according to the Water For People work model are still in excellent condition. (Some projects that came out of WFP’s early partnership with the Bengal Engineering College did not fare so well.)

In addition to their success at developing sustainable projects, Water For People is one of the most successful charities in terms of funds spent on projects versus funds raised. For 2013, 83.1% of funds raised were used for WFP programs.

CharityNavigator.org gives Water For People four stars out of four possible with a 95.26 rating.

For more information on Water For People visit their website: www.waterforpeople.org

We are seeking donated items for these raffles. Any item you can donate to this worthwhile cause will be greatly appreciated. Your donation will be recognized at the convention. WFP is a registered American charity, and a tax receipt will be provided for all donations. A form for donating to each of these events is available: AWW&WEA and Section Annual Conference.

Last year the Southwest Section of the AWWA raised over $21,815 to go along with the Section’s annual donation of $1000. Thank you for your support for Water For People.

WFP Annual Donations
by the Southwest Section
Year Amount
2016 $21,815.65
2015 $22,209.00
2014 $26,492.00
2013 $30,470.00
2012 $23,774.78
2011 $23,152.00
2010 $17,357.17
2009 $15,982.23
2008 $16,848.13
2007 $19,544.73
2006 $19,207.68
2005 $10,439.39
2004 $9,256.57
2003 $9,864.53

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