Young Professionals Committee

Duties and Responsibilities

The Young Professionals (YP) Committee shall seek to recruit and involve YP’s and students from Oklahoma , Arkansas , and Louisiana. A YP is defined as being 35 years old or less and having less than 10 years in the water industry.

The Committee should plan to meet at the annual conference. This meeting will allow YP’s from all three states to share their job experiences and challenges as well as to brainstorm ideas for webinars, social events, and any other potential recruiting/training ideas.

The Committee chair shall organize quarterly (minimum) conference calls between YP’s to ensure that regular contact and planning is occurring.

The Committee shall choose (available budget permitting) one YP each year to attend either the AWWA national conference or other designated national YP event (i.e. YP summit).

* The first committee member listed is the Committee Chair.


Young Professionals Committee Members

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